A Word from Bobbie

This week I had the opertunity to ask Bobbie DeBrito a few questions reguarding photography and how she came to where she is with her photography. Bobbie is a fantastic photographer from the Sidney, Oh area and has even inspired me a bit. Below are a few of the questions that Bobbie was kind enough to share with all of us!

How did you decide you wanted to pursue photography as a career?

It wasn’t exactly a “lightning bolt kinda moment” I was sick of working under someone else, not making much money and had always loved photography. I tried painting and drawing as an artistic outlet in my high school years but it just wasnt enough for me. I was told by so many that I had the “eye” for it so I started doing some online tutorials and just started going out and practicing every single chance that I got. I am 100% self-taught!

What are your favorite pictures to take? Why?

My favorite type of session is boudoir photography. This is semi-nude riske type photography. I do this genre of photography because I feel that it gives women a certain empowerment about themselves and boosts their self-esteem in ways that you can’t imagine- it’s quite a feeling to have a client cry when they see their pictures in such amazement and tell me that they have never felt so beautiful in their whole lives. It’s by far the best feeling a photographer can have is to have changed something inside of a person to make them love themselves again!

 Did you go to school and major in photography or did you learn independently? What did you take most out of your experience doing this?

I went to college- yes. I did not major in Photography however. I actually went to college to be an RN. Once I began the program, it was clear to me that I needed to stick with what was close to my heart and pursue my photography business. I graduated college with degrees in Science and Art. I learned that you need to be true to yourself in pursuing a degree or career. Really think about what makes you happy- not just the money that you will be making! After all, if you choose a career path that you love and have a true passion for you will strive for perfection you will be successful and much happier in life.

 What would you suggest to beginner photographers?

Take your time to learn the craft of photography. Anyone can pick up a camera and take a photograph-even my 5 year old son takes a pretty decent shot. It takes an artist to see outside of the box and do something better than the average person. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to other professionals….fair warning- most photographers will not share much information with potential competition…but don’t be discouraged! Read lots and lots of tutorials online and above all else- get out there and shoot! It’s the only way to really learn your angles and lighting situation. Learn your craft-make money later! I wish more people abided by this rule!

Who do you look up to? Why?

I don’t have a specific photographer or person that I necessarily look up to. Everyone around us has an impact on our lives, so I choose very wisely who I let affect me. As far as photography goes, I think my favorite website to visit and admire would be National Geographic. It is a lifelong goal of mine to be able to travel the world and photograph people from all over! So I do look up to those photographers in a way, or maybe I’m envious of them. Either way, all of their work is phenomenal and it’s something I aspire to achieve.

What is your biggest tip to your clients while being photographed?

“Show me how much you love each other” – that’s one thing I may say to a client.

 Does your job ever get boring? Why or why not?

hummm…boring? No, I wouldn’t say boring. Sometimes it gets a little repetitive with the typical lifestyle photo shoots: family, maternity, baby, engagement, seniors. I am fortunate however; everyone has a different look, a different personality. Even when I do 10 senior sessions in a week, they all want different things and everyone is unique so it’s never boring when I’m out shooting. Now, editing on the other hand can be a bit redundant especially when it comes to weddings. Sometimes I walk away from a day of photographing a wedding and end up with a couple thousand photographs. NO big deal right?! Wrong, think of having to go through every single photo and edit them one by one. Now that is boring !

How did you start your business? Would you do anything different?

I started my business by my husband buying me my first dSLR camera and offering friends and family free photographs. I did this for almost a year before I asked a minimal fee for my time. I wouldn’t do anything different. I feel like I have had steady progression in getting better and growing my clientele to several different counties. For me, that feels pretty great!

 To you, what makes a picture great?

To me, a great photograph will pull a reaction out of you. When you see a guy kiss his soon to be bride and you can literally feel the love he has for her in the photo or when a mother is hugging her child in a natural moment, kids running around having a genuinely great time, laughing and being themselves- to me this is the perfect photograph. Real life moments that will pull at your heart. It’s what photography is to me- reflections of emotions.

 Photography often involves getting along with different people. What do you do when you have a client that is hard to satisfy?

Try as hard as you can and move on. You will always have clashing personalities with some people and it’s just the way it is. Some sessions don’t move quite as well as others or the results aren’t as fantastic as others. It’s a part of the job! Kids get grumpy and refuse to smile, husbands despise having their photographs taken and get their wife grumpy over it. Now, how will I capture a sweet moment when they are mad at each other or when it rains on wedding days? It’s all a part of the package of being a photographer and you just hope that you can please most everyone and do what you can for those that are hard to satisfy.

Want more of Bobbie? Here is her website: http://www.photographybybobbiedebrito.com/index2.php#/home/


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