Earlier this week, I asked Madison, one of my close friends, a few questions about photography.  She loves taking pictures on the side,  but not enough to make it a job.  Her pictures always turn out great and she is always using the newest, coolest technology– here is our interview:

1. What is your favorite prop and why?

– nature props because they come with the location and are free, you don’t have to pay anything and they have more of a meaning then some props that you can buy.  (she is also a bargain shopper/hunter!)

2. Have you ever used certain props to show a special meaning, or to symbolize something?

-trees to symbolize life

3. Do you like using vintage props?

– yes, it provides an antique aspect to the picture.

4. If you had to choose 1 prop to include in all the rest of your pictures, what would it be?

-an empty picture frame.

5.  Have you ever used props that come along with the location?  Like trees while photographing people outside?  What are some of your favorites?

–          Yes, a lot because they are free and then I don’t have to spend my money on them.  A few of my favorites are the different forms of nature found in places and the road signs that are found along roads, or any kind of sign that is found with the location.

6.  Do you consider clothing as props? Why or why not?

-I do consider clothing as a prop because you have different clothes that you wear for different seasons, kind of like you have different props that you use for different seasons.  You can also add accessories to any outfit which count as props.

7. Where are some of your favorite ocations to take pictures?

-streams, bridges, anything outdoors

8. How long do you photo sessions last?  Do you visit different locations?

-about 30 minutes and yes two different locations

9. What is your favorite season to take pictures in? Why?

– Fall or spring because the weather is just becoming warm or just becoming cool and people are either excited to be outside or they want to spend every day they can outside to enjoy the weather.  When you have a happy client that is smiling naturally, the pictures turn out much better because they aren’t forcing a smile.

10.  What do you prefer photographing?

– Holiday Pictures or Senior Pictures because with both of these pictures you only get one chance to take them.  The Holidays come every year so I guess you could take them again next year, but you never know if you will be able to get the same outcome.  And you only get your senior pictures once because you are only a senior once so you have to make sure that they are perfect and your client is happy.


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