Tip of the Day: Dress to Impress!

As I have recently posted about, I received a new photography book called Portrait Photography: Secrets of Posing and Lighting by Mark Cleghorn, and does this book have some amazing tips for photographers. I just finished the chapter called ‘Dressing for Success’ and I just had to share! So if your a photographer – pass the word on to your clients, and if your a client – soak this information in!

1. Trying to look a tad bit thinner? Wear clothing that are similiar to the background that you are being photographed in. For example: if you are being photographed in the snow, you would want to wear light clothing like sky blue or white, or if you are being photographed beside a dark brick building, wear darker clothes.

2. Want a group shoot?  It is best if the group all decides on what time of style to wear and a common color scheme. Most importantly, everyone in the group should all be dressed formally or informally.

3. A general style tip: Horizonal stipes had length and makes everyone look thinner, while vertical stripe has the opposite affect.

4. Logos Are A No-Go: Logos on clothes can distract an audiance’s attention and can make the picture look out-of-date in a few years because that brand of clothes are no longer ‘in’.


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