Infront of the Lens

???????????????????????????????This past week I had the oppertunity to be infront of the lends, instead of behind. As a young, hobbiest photographer, I was still in need of senior pictures to represent the closing of my high school career. I was lucky enough to have my mom – who was oh, so willing to try to do what I do- take the reins of taking my pictures. She experienced watching the laughter and joy from behind the lens as I experienced what many of my subjects probably feel: awkwardness. I didn’t know what I should do. Should I stand, sit? Where do my hands go? I was constantly wondering how weird I looked. This allowed me to take a step back and reconsider how well I directed my  own customers and telling them what looks great and what didn’t. So I cannot wait till I am given the oppertunity to see if my experience will help my customers! As for my mom, she has had minimum experience behind the lens due to the fact that I am the one usually behind the lens, but she did great! I was a bit uncertain on how to go about directing her on camera opperation. I mean how do you explain ISO and saturation and lighting in five minutes? You can’t. I set the ISO and saturation to what I thought would be best once we got to our location, which was a simple area with old, historical building. They served as their own props which was great to ease my mom into this hardy task of senior pictures, especially for her picky daughter! Like all pictures, some turned out great and some not so much. But it was a great start! So for all you photographer out there, young – like me- or experienced, give the reins to someone else, and I am sure you will learn something!


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