“Noo!  Not props, I don’t know what to bring.”

People are often scared when told to bring props with their photographs. Props aren’t scary and they don’t bite!  Adding props to your pictures though can give it a whole different meaning: props allows your photos to come to life!

Below are a list of props for each genre of photos:

Infants: stuffed animals, siblings & parents, blankets, hats, head bands, ect. For more ideas visit this great site:7 Esssential Newborn Photography Props

Toddlers: fun play jewlery, toys, hats, siblings, adorible stools & chairs, ect.

School Age Children: anything to represent age, hobbie material that represents their personality. This comes the time in age when nature and background are included in props.

Senior: sports/hobbie materal, friends, favorite jewerly/clothes/shoes. Nature and background also play a huge part in Senior props.

Family: hobbies of the family, neat chairs/sofas. With mulitple people in one pictures props can be a difficult challenge, in which one person becomes a prop for another.

**ANN Photography often provides many props, such as two vintage chairs, a tote, blankets, suitcase, and many miscellaneous props to provide at my shoots. I also highly suggest bringing a few of your own props to add your own personal touch to your photos. If you have any questions, never be afraid to ask! **


Earlier this week, I asked one of my close friends, a few questions about photography.  She loves taking pictures on the side,  but not enough to make it a career to pursue.  Her pictures always turn out great and she is always using the newest, coolest technology– here is our interview:

1. What is your favorite prop and why?

– Nature props because they come with the location and are free, you don’t have to pay anything and they have more of a meaning then some props that you can buy.  (She is also a bargain shopper/hunter!)

2. Do you like using vintage props?

– yes, it provides an antique aspect to the picture.

3. If you had to choose one prop to include in all the rest of your pictures, what would it be?

-An empty picture frame.


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