Tips for the Clients

ANN Photography is very flexible when it comes to taking pictures. However, these tips will help to make your photographing experience fun and enjoyable—with good picture turnouts. One of the most important tips: HAVE FUN! When you are enjoying yourself, your pictures are naturally pretty and show the true you. In addition to that, outfits can make a picture more delightful and show your personality all at the same time.

When it comes to clothing, there are a few things to remember: more neutral tones are most flattering; however, certain colors can be a great fit for you. Experiment before your session, finding the best outfits for your body. Avoid flip-flops, short clothing items and busy patterns, as this can distract people from the main point of the picture: you! And lastly, while we are talking about personal appearance, avoid tan lines and messy hair. Pictures can be edited but we ANN Photography cannot alter your appearance. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t want to be seen with out in public. No matter what the shoot, I suggest bringing at least one t0 two changes of clothes for the best photos!

Preparation for your session can make pictures most successful. Arrive early or on time so that you can get maximum photos out of your session. Props that bring out your personality can make pictures special and personalized. Such thing could include: sporting items, instruments, art, sayings or pictures from when you were younger. Bringing a friend to the session can help you to smile naturally from laughing and that friend can also help you to find what will bring out the real you in a picture. The best pictures will naturally be the photos you are most comfortable in. If there is anything ANN Photography can do to help you with this, let me know!

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I recently interviewed Susan Abt, a local photographer, and asked her questions on all kinds of tips clients might need when being photographed or preparing to be photographed.

1.) What color clothes are easiest to photograph?
-I prefer nuetral colors when photographing just because they match with so many more backgrounds and ideas that may pop into my mind. Any color can be worked with, but bright colors sometimes can clash with what we are trying to accomplish.

2.) Are there certain props you suggest clients to bring?
-Anything that defines you and you want to be in your pictures! For seniors, I suggest sports equipment is the best to show what you spent your time doing during high school. You can also bring cool things like pictures of you when you were younger, or maybe an antique item that will make your picture unique. I already have tons of things to work with, but if there is something you absolutly want in a picture, don’t be afraid to bring it!

3.) Should clients bring friends and family along to their shoots?
-I suggest to not bring anyone to your shoot that you feel you must impress or aren’t super comfortable around. Friends that make you laugh and bring out your natural smile or parents who remind you of silly things while you are being photographed can be good. A boyfriend that you might feel the need to impress or an annoying little brother can actually hurt your photos by changing your mood.

4.) Can certain things be distracting in photos?
– I would steer away from overly bold jewelry, bright and different clothing items, and flip-flops. Those are the main things that can distract people from looking at you in the photo. Flip-flops have to be my number one though! They just aren’t classy for pictures and tone down every good picture of a person. Please leave those at home.

5.) Can a certain time during the day affect a clients photos?
– Early morning and sunset are the prettiest pictures that can be taken. You have sunset on your side, so you can pose people according to the postion of the sun, whereas having the sun overhead can be hard to find a place where sun isn’t in your eyes. However, any time of the day can be managable if we find the right places to shoot at.

6.) What can one do to control how they look in the pictures?
– I highly suggest wearing slightly heavier makeup than you normally put on. It can be easier to work with and edit pictures if you made your face look the way you wanted and the pictures will not look like you tried any more than you usually do. Also, do your hair in a non-complex way that can be easy to work with when changing from outfit to outfit.

7.) Should outfits be made according to season?
– Depending on where we shoot, a seasonal outfit is beneficial to match the scene. If you are taking pictures in a fall woods, you don’t want to be in shorts and a tank-top. Same goes with things like snow. If we shoot indoors though, wear what you want because you cannot see the season outside.

8.) Does casual or dressy clothes shoot better?
– A mixture of both is best. I like more casual because it shows your personality more but dressy is good for a few more serious pictures. Bring a few outfits of both to ensure you get all of the pictures you want with the outfits you want.

9.) How many outfits should you bring?
-Bring as many outfits as you can. Having options is the best way to get the best pictures. The more options you have, the more we have to work with. Also, bring multiple colors of outfits for different places.

10.) Do you have any further suggestions for clients?
– When you arrive to be photographed, be happy and have fun! Nothing is worse than fighting a frown while trying to take pictures. If you have fun, your pictures will be gorgeous no matter what! It shows the true you and that is always beautiful! 🙂

We thank Susan for taking the time to answer these questions.


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