What do I wear?

Choosing what to wear for an important photograph can be difficult and stressful, but I want to help you make your photograph preperation a little less stressful.

Family pictures tend to be hardest to dress for because of the number of people. Matching colors are common; however, is not nessesarry. A common color pallet, such as pastels, will provide for a beautiful picture as well. Another helpful hint is to make sure that not only are the colors cordinated, but the formality of the clothing are the same. What I mean by this is, one should not be dressed up, while others are in sweatshirts and jeans. Unity is important!

Individuals are much easier. One needs to make sure that their outfit fits their personality: although a new, unique outfit may seem cool at the time, this outfit may not fit the personality of the person. Dark colors often tend to thin a person, while lighter colors are not always the most flattering; however, this is not always true. Another great tip is to make sure you are dressed for the location and occation, and Always, Always remember: Keep it Simple!

If you want some more information, check out the follow links below!



If you have any question, please do not be afraid to ask!


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